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Business has never been healthier in Missouri, thanks to many restaurants, bars and businesses that are going smokefree. TFM is excited to recognize Missouri’s own hospitality businesses this summer through its #MObusiness hospitality campaign. Join us!

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Sedalia Approves Clean Indoor Air Act

In a 6-2 vote, the Sedalia City Council recently approved the Clean Indoor Air Act that provides smoke-free air for all public buildings, city parks and playgrounds, licensed childcare facilities and entrances to buildings. Private clubs will remain exempt, however, unless they are hosting a public event.

“Clean Air Sedalia is very happy that the city council went ahead with the decision to make Sedalia a healthier place for our residents and our visitors,” said Jeanean Sieving, Pettis County Health Department.

A recent air quality report categorized the venues that allow smoking in Sedalia as unhealthy on the EPA’s Air Quality Index. This means people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should avoid prolonged exposure to the air in these venues.

“We’re anxious to get started on educating the business people to move forward and transition,” said Sieving. “We hope to move forward with the county as the next step.”

Sedalia marks the second Missouri community to go smoke-free in June with Excelsior Springs approving a smoke-free ordinance earlier in the month. Sedalia’s ordinance will go into effect September 1. Read more.

St. Charles Air Quality Report Released

Do you know what’s in the air you breathe? Residents and business owners in the city of St. Charles  recently found out.

During a city council meeting on May 20, representatives from Smokefree St. Charles shared findings from a new St. Charles Air Quality Report. The report highlights that businesses and restaurants that permit smoking had higher rates of unhealthy air quality than their smokefree counterparts. Moreover, in the study, it only took a few smokers present to create dangerous levels of unhealthy air for all patrons and employees.

Download the St. Charles Air Quality report

Unhealthy Air in St Charles Public Places – Risk for Heart Attack

Embargoed until 7 p.m. May 20th, 2013
Contact: Don & Kay Young, kay [AT] youngchoices [DOT] org

St Charles city council members received a report Monday that showed air quality measured as unhealthy in public places where smoking is allowed. The study released by Smokefree St. Charles County found restaurants, bars and other public places that allow smoking have high levels of fine particulate matter (PM) pollution.

Because the extremely small particles of PM pollution are easily inhaled deep into the lungs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that exposure can aggravate lung conditions and can be a cause of asthma and bronchitis. The EPA also found people with heart disease or emphysema are at increased risk.[1]

The air quality report found the average PM level for a smokefree public place in St Charles was rated as “good” by EPA standards. In contrast, the average PM levels were nine times greater in public places that allowed smoking and was rated as “unhealthy.”

The report noted a full-time employee in one of these public places that allowed smoking would be exposed to 140 percent the EPA’s average annual daily limit for PM air pollution.

Only seven percent of people in these public places were actually smoking at any given time, which is a fraction of the 18 percent adult smoking prevalence for St Charles County.[2] Yet, these few active smokers significantly impacted air quality.

Not only does secondhand smoke damage the lungs, but the EPA reiterates it can damage the heart as well. Particles can be so small that they pass through the lungs into the blood stream. Moreover, a growing number of studies demonstrated significant declines in hospital admissions for heart attacks after communities implemented smokefree ordinances. Published studies found an average 14-17 percent decline in hospital admissions for heart attacks within the first year alone in communities that implemented an ordinance for smokefree public places and workplaces.[3,4]

“This is first and foremost an issue of public health,” said Kay Young of smoke-free St. Charles County. “The scientific evidence is consistent there is a causal relationship between secondhand smoke and heart disease. A 14-17 percent decline in heart attacks in communities with a smokefree ordinance is not a minor thing. We encourage policies for smokefree workplaces and public places as a compelling, yet simple way to reduce heart attacks in our community.”

The air quality report and other information may be obtained from the Tobacco Free Missouri website,



[1] Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

[2] Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services’ County Level Study

[3] Lightwood, James, PhD,, “Declines in Acute Myocardial Infarction After Smoke-Free Laws and Individual Risk Attributable to Secondhand Smoke”, Circulation, October 6, 2009; 120:1373-1379

[4] Meyers, David G., MD, Cardiovascular Effects of Bans on Smoking in Public Places, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 54:14, 2009

Tobacco Free Kids Honors Show-Me PALS Youth Leaders

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids logo

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Congratulations, Show-Me PALS! Members of Missouri’s Show-Me PALS (People Advocating Living Smoke-free) Youth Advisory Board have been named Youth Advocates of the Year by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The organization recognized Madison Kellums, 16, of Arbyrd; Daniel Giuffra, 17, of Chesterfield; and Becky Bade, 15, and Alyssa Bradley, 15, of New Bloomfield for their leadership in the fight against tobacco. They will be honored with the national Group Award at a gala in the nation’s capital on May 2nd, along with a national winner, four regional winners, and military winner, Alex Higginbotham. Read more about the group award

Higginbotham, 16 of Odessa, is also being honored by Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids with its military award. As Show Me-PALS Vice President Higginbotham will be presented with the 2013 Joining Forces Award for Youth Advocacy. In 2011, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids announced a partnership with Joining Forces, the White House initiative to support military families and improve the health of active-duty personnel, their families and veterans. Its wellness component includes tobacco prevention and cessation, two keys to reducing the debilitating disease and death caused by tobacco and preventing the children of military personnel from starting to smoke. Read more


Show Me PALS Giuffra featured in St. Louis Today

Show Me PALS Youth Advisory Board Member Daniel Giuffra was recently honored by ACT Missouri – Missouri Youth/Adult Advocacy Alliance with its 2013 Outstanding Youth Award. Giuffra attends Mary Institute Country Day School in St. Louis County and is a member of the Missouri Show-Me PALS (People Advocating Living Smoke-free) Youth Advisory Board. Giuffra, one of three Show Me PALS YAB members honored with this award, was recently featured in the Suburban Journals of St. Louis Today.

Read the article>>>


Kansas City Parks Going Smokefree

3/27/2013-The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board recently approved a measure to improve the quality of air around its playgrounds, ball fields and other recreation areas. The Board unanimously passed the Smoke-Free Park Areas Policy, which creates smokefree zones in and around its parks and park facilities. The Board’s decision reflects a growing trend among America’s parks and recreation departments. To date, more than 600 cities have park smokefree policies in place.

Read more…

Three Show-Me PALS YAB Members Honored in Jeff City

3/27/13 – The Missouri Show-Me PALS (People Advocating Living Smoke-free) Youth Advisory Board members were recognized as outstanding state youth advocates for leading their peers to better health through educational outreach and policy change. Show-Me PALS board members Alex Higginbotham (Odessa RVIII school), Daniel Giuffra (Mary Institute Country Day School), and Rebecca Bade (New Bloomfield RIII) were the proud recipients of the ACT Missouri – Missouri Youth/Adult Advocacy Alliance’s 2013 Outstanding Youth Awards during the Speak Hard conference in the State Capitol Rotunda in Jefferson City on March 27. Awards were presented by ACT Missouri Youth/Adult Advocacy Alliance (MYAA) staff, as well as the youth’s legislators that were invited to attend the event. Show-Me PALS works with youth statewide and is supported by the University of Missouri. Read more…